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With more than 8 years experience, I am a multidisciplinary professional who is able to marry strategic thinking, research and explorative design.


From core product improvements to long-term innovations, I design products and services to merge business and user needs. I achieve this through gathering and analysing data to spot areas of opportunity and prioritise them according to growth value.


Trained by world class designer Jake Knapp from Google Venture, I run Design Sprints that allow teams to develop quick experiments at minimum costs. The methodology optimises market research, prototyping and user testing.


Experienced in implementing research methodologies and building international teams from the ground up, I foster "why" cultures. I train people in research and best practices to increase confidence and autonomy through data-informed decisions.


I am a facilitator driven by curiosity with a resolute attitude to strive for excellence and lead innovation.

Craig Narveson

VP Content Partnerships at Kahoot!

Chloe has been a vital element of the Kahoot! Partnerships team. By implementing new frameworks to support intra-departmental work and designing new experiments, Chloe has helped generate revenue and improve both internal and external success metrics. Influencing strategies with senior-level stakeholders, you can trust Chloe to make it happen!

James Micklethwait

Vice President of Products

Chloe has supported the delivery of complex service and product design projects. She also has solid business acumen and took a lead exploring new strategic opportunities. In addition, she gets involved in all stages of the product and service design process, from initial analysis and research to workshops, and the final delivery of projects. Chloe is curious, has a positive attitude and always has a hunger to learn more.

Richard Sharp

CTO at Shazam | ex-Google

Chloe has a real passion for UX and is a continual source of new and innovative product ideas. A strong advocate of User Centered Design, her first priority is always to ensure the team are focussed on designing solutions that solve real user problems. She thrives on creating quality products and delightful user experiences; and her enthusiasm and energy are infectious!

Portfolio (sample)


Discover journey

Goal: Increase retention

Image library experiment

Goal: Generate revenue

New core product

Goal: Expand market space

Self-service marketing tool

Goal: Target new segments

Internal software

Goal: Answer omnichannel demand

Latest personal project

Goal: Protection against fake news


I want to launch groundbreaking products and services, but I am also pragmatic enough to know when to get less exciting stuff done.

  • UX Strategist

    Kahoot (Promoted)

    Investor: Microsoft

  • Digital Project Manager & UX Designer

    Yieldify (Promoted)

    Investor: Google Venture

  • Co-founder & Head of UX


  • Digital Communication Executive

    Ogilvy & Mather

  • Communication Manager & Head of UX

    Prun Radio

  • ...And many more...

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I love a good challenge, big or small, and firmly believe that given enough time and resources
I can achieve any goal.

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